Coinstar alternative at Tesco and its FREE

Posted 21st Sep 2010
Ok im sure you've all seen the coinstar machine that counts you change and charges about 9% to do it. Well i went to tesco the other day and the self check out had a hole to put all your change in and it counts it for you and charges you 0% to do it.

Ive got a bottle with about £70 in change and know where im going to be using it up(tesco self check out).

Hope that help a few othere out.
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Where can I turn coins into cash? - Turning cash into coins

It’s a custom that feels like it belongs to British culture. Each British home has a jar of coppers and small change lying around that gathers mysterious deposits over years. Finally converting this small change into cash can yield hundreds of pounds, making it a lucrative way to get some extra cash every once in a while.

There are a few pitfalls when it comes to converting your coins into cash though, particularly when it comes to getting caught out by transaction fees. So we’ve prepared this short guide that answers any questions you might have.

Where can I change my coins to cash for free?

The bank was the most traditional place for exchanging coins for cash, but do banks take coins for cash today? The answer is yes, although they may only do so during less busy hours. The only caveat is that you will more than likely have to sort all the coins yourself into coin bags, with the bank usually only accepting an even 50 or 100 of the same coin in each bag. This can be a time-consuming process, particularly if you have a lot of coins to sort through. You’ll also need to the member of a bank that has physical locations, so those using online banks won’t be able to do this.

Changing money at Coinstar

For those using an online bank or who don’t have the time to sort their loose change, there’s Coinstar. You can simply pour your unsorted change directly into a machine, saving you the effort of sorting them. The catch to this is that coinstar charge fees on their UK machines. The going rate is 10.9%, so you’d lose £10.90 if you converted £100 worth of coins.

Finding the nearest coin machine or change machine to you

You may ask yourself – where is the nearest coinstar to me? The likely answer is the local branch of one of the big supermarket chains. Selected stores from these chains have coinstar machines available for you to use. You can use Coinstar’s ‘Find a Store Near Me’ page to find the nearest change machine to you.

Does Tesco have change or coin machines?

Many branches of Tesco have a Coinstar change machines on site. You can take your change to a local tesco and use one of the change machines there against a small fee.

Using Coinstar machines at Asda

Many branches of Asda also have Coinstar machines for you to use, although not all stores are guaranteed to have this. You can use Coinstar’s ‘Find a Store Near Me’ page to see which Asda’s in your area have a coin machine available for you to use.

Do Coinstar take euros?

Coinstar machines in the UK do not take Euros. If you’re looking to convert Euros into Pounds, your best bet would be your bank or a currency exchange service.

Find your nearest Coinstar machine