Coke Zone

    Have they changed the rewards? Been saving for ages via text and just logged onto website and the rewards are very poor to say the least!!!! They used to have some good things???


    Yeah I have noticed, they don't have any xbox stuff now.

    yeah they gave the last big rewards away in september time and even then they were a rip off and not worth the points

    1400 points for a 19inch tv
    1300 xbox and hmv vouxhers
    1100 nintendo dsi and hmv vouchers

    and a ipad for a lot more points.

    They had these reawrds up for a number of weeks so everyone could spend there points as they have stated they will no longer have bug rewards that you can buy with points. the only way to get them is though prize draws.

    They had some games before christmas. Need for Speed HP, Sims 3, Fifa 11 and then after those were gone they had EA Sports Active 2 on there.
    (all at 300 points each)
    Hope they´ll have some games again soon.
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    when it comes to things i want coke zone has never been great.
    however they do seem to have stopped loads of the deals.

    it's 50 points for [the cheapest] coke bag or coke wristband.oO

    it's 75 points fo a coke glass when you can get them in a charity shop.

    there's 2 for 1 theatre tickets for 5 points -…241
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    Pants!! Got almost 1000 points and there's nothing worth getting, waste of time saving them! Grrr!
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