Coke Zone Apple TV 400 points who got one then?.

So who grabbed one of these today, think i may have got the last one at 11:00. A bit of a surprise as it was not advertised. Was gonna get the Samsung but thought would grab this while i could incase my internet etc failed on the 19th. Feel better now i have actually got something for the points. Just wonder if its the 80GB or 160GB model either way its a result.


Did I miss something?!?!?!


??? Think i missed something too lol ???

still availiable

I got one! :thumbsup:

Stayed up until midnight as I had a feeling they would add something this week!!!

They went quick - I believe they sold out around 11 - 11.30am!

Original Poster

Think i got the last one after filed in the details it went to sold out.Glad i slept in and only noticed it through the email that came through. Wonder what the HD capacity is.

I got one but really wish it had been an xbox with lips

My lad had 2 goes in the draw and won one,cheers.

Received today,40gig hard drive,cheers.
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