Coke Zone & Blockbuster Help?

    I just got this from coke zone…GOF!/listview?listRewards=true

    They emailed me a code, but i have to use it in my basket on blockbuster, but i want to use it in store as a voucher, and i cant see anywere to use the code, its a load of numbers

    any help would be great!


    This offer comes in the form of a unique code which you will receive in your confirmation email. This code will need to be entered on the Blockbuster website [url][/url] and Blockbuster will send you a voucher to use in-store.

    Original Poster

    Help me please!

    Have you tried the above link ?. You have to log in to your Blockies account / make one and enter the code through the link to get them to send you a voucher.
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