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Found 22nd Jun 2008

There's been a couple of people already asking for any spare coke zone codes that people might not want.

Can I put a slightly different request in please? If the points are donated to charity (via their website), coca-cola will throw in another 4 points per point donated. These then equate to free sports equipement for disabled athletes.

If you could pm me any spare codes, I'll lump them together and donate them with mine. I'll post again once the points have been donated BTW, including a screenshot of the points actually being posted!!

I'd like to think that, as HUKD members, we could club together and donate 1,000 points between us. That would then be matched by coca-cola with another 4,000 points, making 5k in total!

The codes can be found on the actual bottle, underneath the labels of 2l and 500ml bottles of coke (all varieties).

Thanks in advance,


PS the codes can only be used once, so if you post them, collectors can use them.

PPS rep, a mention in my follow up post, and a warm inner-glow for all those that do their bit.

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Is there any way to transfer an existing balance over Steve (or if anyone else knows)?
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