Coke Zone points question - NOT begging!

    I need 11 points and I think the only way to get them in time will be to buy a cox of Coke. Do they still do the points on them and if so which size is it that I have to buy.

    Has anyone else found that since they put the last of the 'big' items up that the codes are being refused more often?
    I have a sheet of A4 that I write the codes on before entering them and more than half of the last lot were refused. I ain't that blind yet!!



    phone up cokezone and they will ask you for the dtails around the neck of the bottles, and then they will manually add the points, good luck, thanks to a few on here i managed to get the camera

    you should just beg, it seems to be the done thing on here to get them.

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    I have already recycled the bottles, they went on Tuesday! Had to phone Coke before and they are good aren't they.
    Am after the DSi for Xmas so here's hoping the codes are still on boxes.


    i ordered some coke from asda and they didnt have any points, so if you going to buy go instore to make sure, think you get either 10 or 12 points per box

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    I see people on here pleading and I don't like it. So I wouldn't feel right doing it, especially as I am not a particually active member.

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    Thanks fo rthat Sassie. I did have a quick look last time I shopped in Asda but had the 3 year old with me. Doesn't make for easy shopping, lol.


    if i get any before monday i will send them your way

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    Cheers for that. I have my daughter looking on peoples desks at work too!


    your 11 points short of getting a dsi and you don't know how many points you get on a coke product
    sounds like someone trying to act innocent while begging to me

    I've had 5 points mailed to me for my birthday, but I don't really use them...


    can any one plz send their spare codes to me,as i am only 2474 points away from a brand new mobile and its true plz plz send it to me......i am not begging,i am only pretending but i am serious abt

    the fridge pack have the codes in the box, bigger boxes dont seem to have any, try going to home bargain or some sort of shop like that, and get bottles for 39p
    or some super markets do 4 bottles (500ml) for £2
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