Cokezone question

    I've got a stash of cokezone points on my account.

    These days they never seem to give away anything decent like cameras/ps3s etc.

    I don't want any coca cola bags or £5 vouchers and I don't want to waste my points entering the draws.

    Anyone have any idea if/when they will be bringing back the decent rewards?



    Think they stopped them - people were able to get them on the cheap and it wasn't worth them doing I dont think. Apart from the odd highly-rated thing like a TV at an inflated 2000 points, theres little or nothing nowadays.

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    A shame that. Probably just hang on for a bit and see what happens then.

    I have loads of points to, but don't think they will bring back the decent gifts agan:(
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    i managed to get a TV with 1800 points, the best you can get now is EA games which come and go for around 300 points.

    Theyve stopped larger prizes & wont be getting them back so I wouldnt hold your breath, google coke zone blog & have a read through.

    i've been saving points for ages and there's nothing on there anymore except kiddies stuff, Where the stuff for adults, We pay for the coke at the end of the day even though mostly kids drink it,

    I have complained to Cokezone several times as I have 1500 points and cannot get a decent reward for my time and trouble entering codes,they told me that customers do not want the better rewards,we should ALL email Coca-Cola on the Cokezone site and complain.

    I've complained to Coca cola several times about the rubbish they are offering. Where's all the T-shirts etc. All I get back is the same old answer trying to kid everyone that the rewards are reviewed constantly. I also don't want any coca cola bags or £5 vouchers and I don't want to waste my points entering the draws.
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