coldplay tickets o2 14th December

    looking for 2cold play tickets for 14th decemebr @ o2 for a pressie for me fellow any body got 2 they wanna sell me?? been ripped off by sumone after paying them and failed to turn up in post!!!


    If you have bought some from Ebay for example and they have been lost in the post the seller should go to the venue and collect them for you personally.
    Surely the tickets were sent to you by special delivery!!

    Original Poster

    no didnt purchase of ebay.. but paided by nochex the seller reckons they been posted ova 2 week ago failed to send me tracking number but sent email saying they been posted .. been emailing the guy and he said blahh blahh contacted nochex and they have contacted him as well ..he isn't answerin my emails at present ..if he did have the tickets surley he can contact the ticket place that sold them him and say they lost ??? he said they been sent royal mail recorded!!!!

    Yes, If he is the original purchaser he can tell the ticket agency they have been lost and he can organise collection from the venue.
    I once lost some event tickets for the O2 and I organised some duplicate tickets for collection from the venue with no problems at all.

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    rite!!!! i will get on to this person even though he failing to answer me emails and explain this fanks for that much appreciated x x
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