collect from my local delivery office.

    due to snow i dont know if the postman will give my halo reach but
    the game was dispatch last tuesday and i havent receive it yet can i phone my local delivery office in wednesday and say if they got it can i collect from them and bring my id to show its my mail.


    yes, but check it's RM letters, not parcel force.

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    its rm letter usally despatch 2nd class

    doubt theyll have it ive been waiting weeks for stuff from play

    yes hun you will be able to go and collect it take photo id and something with you name AND address on it

    they wont check through all undelivered mail for you, surely? I guess you'll have to call up and ask but I thought they only allowed undelivered mail. Correct me if im wrong

    The chances are it won't be at the local depot yet it could be anywhere in the rm system. I was carded today and now have to wait 72 hours before i can collect from the local depot. The mail is a mess if you turn up on the fly the best you will get is a quick look on the shelf

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    my halo reach finally come today it took week
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