Collect Nectar points just for watching adverts online! Adpoints

Found 24th Nov 2011
As a valued Nectar collector, we thought you should be the first to hear about a new way to collect extra Nectar points.

It's called Adpoints, and when you sign up, you'll be able to collect points just for watching online adverts from top brands, all from your home computer*.

Adpoints is being trialled over the next 3 months before it launches in 2012, and we'd love you to take part.

It's so simple to join**:

Sign up to the Adpoints website using the link below

Receive 1,000 bonus Nectar points just for taking part

Start collecting points straight away. Choose from over 400 online commercials to view over the period of the trial. You'll collect 4 Nectar points for every one you watch, up to a maximum of 850 points per month

Only 7,500 Collectors can participate in the 3 month trial, so you'll need to act fast.…tar
Community Updates
Registration process is VERY slow as site inundated no doubt so hang on in there or try later:…tar
cant seem to get any further than the personal details form
I gave up 10 minutes in oO
I gave up too. What if their site's always this slow? Could take a couple of hours to watch a 30 second advert.
dont think it will take as long to watch the advert, may just be the initial stampede to sign up
any luck op?
Registered - only took an hour oO

OMG time flies took 2 hours X)

Edited by: "choc1969" 24th Nov 2011
clicked go to step 2, waited but came back to personal details, been clicking go to step 2 for the last half hour
400 comercials no problem, same as one 'i'm a celebrity'
same with me could not get past personal page i gave up in the end will try again in the morning
past the personal details, now clicking the complete registration again and again
youd be mad to do this clicking on ads ffs.
Filled in personal details.Clicked for step two. Told me my email address is already registered.
have you received the 1000 nectar points for signing up
hope you all didn't submit your details over an unsecured connection?

"Connection not encrypted, information sent over the internet without encryption can be seen by other people while it is in transit"

Edited by: "lumoruk" 25th Nov 2011
1000 bonus points will be received Feb 2012 after the beta testing.

Have been clicking on ads etc and received some points already.
it's saying I'm already registered, try to reset password accepts secret answer and says email has been sent to reset password but it hasn't...mega gay
I'm having the same problems so just contacted them. wasted hour of my life doing the damn form and getting it accepted!
Thanks choc1969,

Managed to sign with relative ease.

Reached the 2nd part of the registration, said I had signed up but the page had hung with the animated bar despite on the top of page stating that I had signed in.

Tried to load the homepage again only to be told to complete the registration, after another attempt (which took a while) I was successfully registered (fully I guess) and received a confirmation e-mail.

Took a while for the page to change but it looks like I'm registered.

Hope fellow HUKD members have the same luck with registering.

For reference I was using Google Chrome with Ad-Block extension enabled (if that means anything).

already started accumulating points, hopefully be able to use them at christmas time
okay used a new email address, time to create a script to watch ad's without me being present
Website now having problems.

Earn Adpoints | My Account | Join | About Adpoints … Earn Adpoints | My Account | Join | About Adpoints | Help"The Adpoints trial launched yesterday with unprecedented demand. Some of those invited to join experienced connection problems. We are sorry if you were one of those who experienced these issues. The Adpoints technical team are working hard to resolve them.We will be back online soon."

excellent site
earned 100+ already and much faster today
212 find myself getting caught up in some of the ads forgetting to click, need to do this at work save on the electricity.
dammit forgot to click again, some great ads
Sorry, but the Adpoints trial is now full
tough break rchan
Ok.....I'm now addicted to watching ads and have racked up over 200 points oO
I missed out on this

Ok.....I'm now addicted to watching ads and have racked up over 200 … Ok.....I'm now addicted to watching ads and have racked up over 200 points oO

that's not addiction...372 points here

that's not addiction...372 points here

I'm now on 320 but giving it a rest for a while X)
God we're sad ****.
In bed wife asleep doing it on my phone. Won't work on IPhones as it requires flash.
It says I am registered but my password doesn't match my email address. I click on forgotten password., fill in my email address press send. No email sent from adpoints with my new password.
That's a bug you'll have to email them to sort it out

Dear Adpoints triallist,Thank you for getting in touch with us, and we … Dear Adpoints triallist,Thank you for getting in touch with us, and we are sorry that you are having some issues when using Adpoints.There are a few things to watch out for when using the site, so it is worth reviewing these:· Ads not playing or stopping before the end - some internet connections that have parental controls set will cause this problem. If this consistently happens to you please set any site restrictions off. Because some of the ads would only appear after the TV watershed, it may be categorised as 18+ content online, so you will need to set your permissions accordingly· Using Adpoints on multiple browsers – you will get an error if you are trying to log in and view Adpoints with multiple browser pages or multiple browsers. If so, please log off Adpoints on all browsers and restart just one session.· Clicking on the ad messages whilst ad is playing – you must click on the message itself when you see the “Click here to claim your points” or “Are you still watching” messages. If not, it will go back to the start, and you need to click the play message again to restart it. Unless you get the message at the end which says “Congratulations, you just earned points” you cannot earn other points for that advert.If you are still having problems, then please reply back to me on this email only and with the following details:1. Browser type and version2. PC type (PC or Mac)3. Operating system version (Windows, MacOS)4. Problem details including any error message you getMany thanks for using the Adpoints website and we hope you enjoy it.With kind regards,Jonathan DunhamChief Information Officer

His e-mail:

I'm not having anymore problems though.
anyone got there 1,000 points yet?

anyone got there 1,000 points yet?


1000 bonus points will be received Feb 2012 after the beta testing.Have … 1000 bonus points will be received Feb 2012 after the beta testing.Have been clicking on ads etc and received some points already.

I've received each months 850 so far
Now that the trial is over, has anyone got all the nectar points? I have received the first 2 months, 2x850 points, but last month points are pending and so are the 1000 points end of trial bonus. I suppose those points should have been credited on 23th of February...
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