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Found 20th Nov 2010
Currently in work only part time have a young daughter and live with my partner who only works part time to.

wanted to do some courses to help me get the computer jobs ive always wanted but never had the confidence to try and fulfil, i contacted a college regarding the courses i was interested in and asked if any help could be given and they said none at all.

im 24 i know im probs to old for college but surely theres some kind of help considering im working part time as each course is £400

ive already got all the computer knowledge just need it on paper.

any advice if anyone knows if any help can be giving to people in my situation?

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learn direct may help.

THANKS SO MUCH!!! completely forgot about them.

i really appreciate that!

Have you thought about open uni you'd probably be entitled to finicial help as well, they have an entitlement checker on their site so you could find out.

They also offer grants for getting a laptop/computer and Internet costs if your on a very low income

What courses are you looking to do ? The microsoft certifications? leading to MCSA etc ?

OR are you looking to do some generic computer course that the college is offering?

To achieve what your seem to be looking for "getting it on paper" you need to do the microsoft courses and they are expensive if studied "in class" college don't generally hold them you have to go to a training company who wan't thousands to do them. A cheaper alternative is to buy the books for each course and read them and learn then inside out! You will QUICKLY learn you do NOT know anywhere near as much as you think you do

Sounds quite negative but isn't meant to be. My speciality is GPO design and security and to this day I get requests to do jobs and charge an arm and a leg for it too. but DO NOT think it will be an easy ticket to fame and fortune as you will be sorely disappointed.

P.S stay the **** away from learn direct if you want to be taken seriously!!! Companies do NOT employ ex binmen who have now got a shiny piece of paper with learndirect written on it.

Some voluntary work in the relevant field for a good cause?

Experience might be as good as a qualification imo, depending on what you want to do of course.

You would/should get funding in Scotland for a course, I was told recently that you may get funding under 25 in England.
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