Found 21st Aug 2008
Firstly, no I dont need help with my coursework

Over the past 4 years I've been doing 2 HNC's on day release from work paid for out of my own pocket and a small allowance from work.

The second HNC I did was quite short because elements of the first HNC transferred across. This was ideal for me because it kept the cost down and meant a lot less work.

3 weeks ago I get my results and no HNC, just a list of units that I had passed. I contaced the college and they said they would look into it. Yesterday I get a letter saying I didnt get the HNC because I've not completed a double unit costing £170.

I've phoned the head of faculty and he's explained that it's a unit I've done before on my first HNC but you have to pay to get the unit transferred so effectivley I so not need to do any work but because I did not pay for it (I presumed there was no charge as with all the other units I transferred) I dont get a HNC. I was also told when I finished last year that everything was done and dusted as regards the HNC.

So basically it's a full price unit, no work required, no tutoring, no resources, but unless I pay the money, no qualification. I suspect something is wrong here, Why do I have to pay full price for a unit that is transferrable and if I do have to pay, why am I paying full price when no actual effort or cost is being incurred by the college?

I'm quite annoyed because I was supposed to be starting OU ths year and with this extra expense I'll have to shelve that til after christmas.

Any ideas here guys and gal's?

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In the college I taught at there were certain things that you were exempted from and they were dealt with automatically without charge by the college but it may have just been our college policy. I think your best bet is to write to the college Director for an explanation and double check with another college to see what their policy is so you can use that in your discussion or letter to the Director. Sorry I can't be of more help.

You can always try contacting the awarding body directly, they can allow credit from previous courses and provided you supply copies of all the modules completed maybe they can write you a new HNC certificate?
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