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    Hey, i have just been reading a thread about uni and people were quite helpful so it lead me to creat this thread. Im just doing my GSCS's at the moment and have been applying for college these last couple of weeks, was just wondering if anyone could answer a questions i have. Is college really that different to school? Would you say it were the best days of your life, or would that be school or uni? How much work do you have to do outside lesson? How are the lsesson different to lesson at school? Is there much of a social life? Is there more 'togetherness' or is it divided like school into 'emo' and other groups? Is it an postive experience, fun?

    Thanks i hope to study at sixth form.


    Definitely college is the best days of your life. Do not go to sixth form it is like school. College on the other hand you just get treated like an adult, you have more 'togetherness' you have a fair bit of work to do but it is more fun than school.

    college is hard work lol but you do get alot more freedom and treated more like adults

    Personally i hated college but that was years ago :-P

    my daughter loved college life and is now in University and we were taking about this yesterday she said she felt that college had prepared her well giving her confidence and the teachers treated her more 'grown up' than school which she thought was a great preparation for University, at Uni she is more or less left to do the work, given it and then left to do it as much of or as little as she wants, obviously the more work she puts in the better her chances or good results, she is doing very well and says that is she had gone straight from upper 6th form to University it would not have been the same, college was a good grounding for Uni - good luck in your exams

    personally im in college now and i think that the freedom is not much different to school..They do give you much more responsibility and it is better in that..but the lessons are ALOT harder and much more hard work and i aint enjoying college because the subjects are very misleading in the brochures they give you..i find it very boring at times and can be stressful and daunting..

    You need college no doubt..but i think the experience is quite frankly..S!it

    and the common divides of society..emo,chav are still in place but with less stupid actions..

    i went to 6th form, good couple of years and had all my school mates with me

    Loved college and made lifelong friends there unlike school. 1st year was a haze as it was back in the free grants era (which I spent in the local pub). You get treated with more respect at college, more freedom, loads of social groups.

    I liked college much better than school, I hated school with a passion and it reflected in my results. Totally turned around on the results at college tho. Was very group orientated so was good to get to know everyone and get on with them.

    The lectures were very good as well, depends on the lecturer you get tho, altho most of mines were really good at teaching and communicating to the class, you could have a laugh with them as well.

    IMO the biggest difference is that in school you actually studied more in class, whereas in college you study the foundations and then you build on it in your own time to develop your skills, understanding and knowledge on the subject. :-D

    College were the best days of my life, sooooo much better than university, all it is is work work work here lol, god knows how other students can go out n get rat arsed everynight... i know i couldnt, tried n failed first week lol...

    Im in college, it is a lot more laid back than 6th form, you come when you want go when you want, and they don't care as long as all the work gets done.

    I went to Sixth form and College.
    Sixth form was quite like school but I went to catholic sixth form and they were quite strict.
    The college experience for me was amazing but that was mainly due to the people who I met there. They made it what it was.
    I'm at uni now, going back tomorrow with xmas break coming to an end. I've been there 3 months and I'm not enjoying it as much as college. I've made new friends but they're not the same kind of connections I made in college so that's what I'm missing at the moment. I love living away from home though and having all the independence. I can't wait to go back tomorrow!

    But back to the question in hand, go to college, it's better than school, more free time and a bonus if you can meet some really great people

    i go college at the moment, and yeah, a few good things are:

    - more independence
    - you don't get treated like a kid. the teachers seem a lot friendlier and don't patronise
    - in my college theres 2 designated smoking areas for smokers, which are kinda divided. 1s for all the 'chavs' and 'gangsters' and the other one is for everyone else
    - my college is massive, with about 1000 first years, and another 1000 second years so you actually get to meet a lot more people
    - timetables are more flexible and varied
    - since not everyones from pretty much the same school like in sixth forms, you do get to meet a lot more people

    bad points are:

    - they expect you to study independently more often in your free periods/in your own time
    - teachers probably aren't as lenient as they would be in sixth form

    but overall i'd prefer to go college.

    I went to my school sixth form, but that was a long time ago..... (1998-2000!)

    I have since taught in an Outdoor Ed centre, and from a 'teachers' point of view, sixth form students are more focused on the subject than college students, and the sixth form pupils were generally a lot more knowledgeable, attentive and 'clued up' about the subject.

    If I could go back and do it again, I'd do sixth form over college any day.....

    Omg i miss College , its great , so much different from School..

    I would pick college over School anyday , School they dont really focus on you so much where in college you get more one on one time , plus people are more mature...all i did in school was to lark about non stop and see how far i could push my teachers lol .....College made me more mature....i learned so much compared to School.

    You also get given longer period of breaks and i found the work quite easy and help if i found anything difficult ...but obviously everyones experience is different , so you have to make ya own mind on what to do.

    Do you like being at school? Do you learn well there?

    If you are doing well in a school environment and progressing with your studies sixth form might be a good idea, its possible to change schools and attend a different sixth form if that would appeal more than staying where you are now. It depends very much on your personality. If changes unsettle and stress you, prolly best to remain within the environment you are more used to.

    Colleges are usually larger than sixth forms. Attending a college means you are one of several hundred other students as opposed to a group of maybe a couple of dozen, depending on the school. This means you get to meet loads more people of your own age and you'll spend a lot of time getting to know them and the new ethos and having fun together...oh and then there's studies. Its down the list of priorities for most people. It's more relaxed than school, generally and the emphasis is that you CHOSE to be there rather than, you're at school because you have to be.

    Being at sixth form usually means you know pretty much everyone and your surroundings and you have a little more respect from the teachers for doing what you are doing than in lower years.

    I attended college rather than sixth form and can honestly say de to the people I met there, totally enjoyed it and came out with really good A levels.

    However if it were my child making this decision... I'd be pushing sixth form all the way! :-D


    At sixth form atm. Alot of work but i enjoy it. one of my tutors tells me he reckons sixth form is harder than university as theres a lot more to do in a relatively short time. however eve with al the work the freedom and lunches at the pub are faiiirrr sweet.

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    So i thought college and sitxh for are the same, arnt they? Im confused....

    Thanks for giving all of your opinions guys!

    i think when people say college they mean places that study course that are more vocational subjects such as bricklaying and engineering.
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