Colour changing Felt Tips

    My dear mother-in-law promised my son some pentastic pens that are constantly advertised on the TV... as per usual she's welched on the deal so it's down to me to sort him out, now I'm not being funny but I aint paying 20 odd quid for a few felt tips so I popped down the shops tonight to get some, which was easier said than done...

    Basically am looking for colour changing felt tips, the ones with the extra "white" pen that chances the colour of the others and realistically want change from a fiver any ideas?


    i remember these from when i was younger.have u tried toys r us,stationary box...

    not sure how much they r though…b_e

    Amazon are the only place i can find online with them

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    Thanks you two, rep left for both :thumbsup:


    they sell them in my local poundshop so might be worth checking if you have any near by

    Think wilkinsons used to have some

    I got some from ASDA but that was around a year ago, their stock line doesn't change much though.
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