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    I am looking for some colour changing / mood lights that are good quality and good value. Can anyone be of any assistance? I do have the Philips Living Colours (which is great) - but looking for a couple of other different types. Does anyone have the Laser cosmos? I am under the impression that the stars on this appear in a specific order rather than randomly. Can anyone advise?




    My wife being unhappy with my mood swings bought me one of these mood rings so she could monitor my mood.
    We discovered that when I am in a good mood it turns green and when I am in a bad mood it leaves a big red mark on her forehead ...........

    Hi dealfinder86, I have the laser cosmos, bought it about a year ago. I don't use it much but it works pretty well. I'm just swtiching it on to remind myself what it looks like. I have it on the floor in an attic room where the ceiling is reasonably low, about 7 foot high i'd guess. The room is reasonably large at around 16feet by 17 feet. The cosmos can cover pretty much the whole of the ceileing and a few of the walls too so it has a pretty good field of coverage.

    It's fairly bright but works best in a darkend room. there are two main effects. The first effect are the stars which might not be random but i cant tell, they look pretty random to me. Most of the stars move about and there looks like thousands of them. Some are brighter/larger than others but they are all green.

    The second effect is a blue cloud like structure which is meant to simulate a galaxy nebula at the center of the stars. On my ceiling the blue cloud is about six foot by six foot roughly, although it is not square. It really does look like a cloud and its shape also appears to be pretty random to me too. It's fairly quiet too. There is a dimmer on the back which allows to ajust the brightness of the cloud all the way to off if desired. You cant ajust the stars though.

    The device itsself has a handy swivel mounting so you can adjust where its pointing.

    It's not the cheapest of gadgets but i do get enjoyment from it. If you like mood lighting its well worth considering. I also have a morpheous mood light but its not as good in my humble opinion although it does give a good ambient colour wash to white walls.

    Hope this helps.

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    Ho Yoshi,

    That's a great insight. Thanks - appreciate it :-)


    get yourself a laserpod..

    No problem, One other thing i have in the attc is a smoke machine, don't ask why :-) it must be a bloke thing, or maybe its just me :-). When the smoke machine is on you can see all the green beems cutting though the smoke to produce the stars. Its an amazing effect.

    I've not got a laser pod but they look good too. Especially the supernova laserpod.
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