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Found 14th Aug 2007
Im looking for a colour laser printer that gives quantity rather than quality as the printing I do is just for my own use so it doesnt need to be perfectly crisp and clear. I want a cost effective one and dont mind what make it is. I dont want to have to pay an absolute fortune for replacement cartridges though unless they are worth it and will last me forever :thumbsup: Even better if I can buy the cheaper cartridges as like I said I dont need the quality to be spot on.

Any advice gratefully accepted. I have looked at the other threads but because I want quantity rather than quality they dont really give me the info I need.

Thanks in advance


A month or so ago Staples had an instore only offer on the Samsung 300CLP (iirc) and were including a complete set of colour toner refills (a rainbow kit I think they called it).

Not bad but not the best reviews but would do a job.

Might be worth checking out if you've a local branch.


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A search on staples doesnt bring that up so its probably finished now but thanks anyway.

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Anyone have any advice at all? Ive been looking at the Samsung but I dont think ill bother with that one as although I dont need great print quality there are some issues with the quality and also the things it prints sometimes arent the way they are on the screen. DOH

Ive been doing some further research and would like one that I can use over a network or wireless so I can put it in the office upstairs but print from the laptop downstairs.


Consider the Konica Minolta Magicolor 2530DL:

It works out cheap if you buy toner refill kits.
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