Colour laser printer required with low running costs - any suggestions??

Hi guys,

Hoping for a bit of help. I work in a small office (5 of us) and we share a laser printer. We currently use a HP laserlet 1600 which I picked up in PC World last year for £99. We do a decent amount of printing everyday between us - probably around 300 pages as all of our invoices etc get done on it. Print quality isn't a priority for us as we print mainly text or internal documents, but what does get to me is the speed of this thing and cost of toner cartridges. When invoices are printed I end up waiting on them coming out and it feels like it takes forever. We're currently buying toner at +/- £32 from Refreshcartridges.co.uk and they just don't last. We also print labels at the same time as invoicing too, so a separate feed tray to hold these would be beneficial, but not a must as I sit next to the printer and you can only still print paper or labels at a time anyway.

My parameters:
- Must be toner printer due to print speed
- Must be colour
- Must have a fast print speed (current printer is rated at 8ppm according to the HP datatsheet); plus a relatively quick first page out
- Must have cheap toner/high yield. Currently paying £35 for 2,500 pages from Refresh Cartridges. But it seems to eat up the colour toner in 3 times the time despite us very rarely printing in colour. I am hoping that the printer will pay for itself in 3-6 moths with the efficiency/cost savings in toner
- Assume that whatever is recommended will have a network card. We currently use a Belkin print sharer
- Preferably looking for more than one feed tray so we can keep labels/a4 paper/letterhead in without me getting off my fat bum!
- Don't know if it's possible, but we currently use a scanner to copy the document and then print. Is there anything that can work like a photcopier?

Hope this is enough/not too much detail, and any suggestions/advice gratefully received.

Many thanks.

I have a budget of £300-£500 max.


not thought about hiring from say, Canon?

Original Poster

No I haven't! Have just dropped an email to a company that do this, so will await their response.

Thanks for the idea.
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