Colour printer - recommendations?

Posted 4th Jul
I've been looking at coloured printers for my children but not really sure what to go for.
HP instant ink is often mentioned but is the ink really that affordable? I've not seen any specific printer recommendations.

Also seen people mention printers and buying non branded ink which has worked out really well price-wise too.

We'll be printing their worksheets which require colour and perhaps even their photos of plants etc but that might mean it needs to be really high quality and don't really want to buy a really expensive printer. They're into botany etc.

Throw me some recommendations please.
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I have hp envy 5000 series and they do a good job. Double printing. Wifi. Quick enough. Only used for occasional printing, 90 pages per month hence I pay £3.50 for the ink deal which I really like.

I do have an old brother laser for when I need to print 100s
I had an Epson 245 (upgraded to a 970 for photos) inks were about £8 for a full set of XL ink with some good multi buy offers. Printer cost me about £30-40 it done good photos for the price. Just be careful with instant ink it can get expensive by design
We've got Envy 4527 for the very same purpose. I like the quality but if will print daily expect to buy ink monthly..
I goat an Epson Ecotank after having HP printers for years. Tried Instant Ink and felt robbed especially if you have to do emergency printing. I have done over 1500 sheets with the same set of ink that came with the machine. I got mine on offer, definitely not the cheapest but lasts forever with inks, does double sided for all those worksheets to save on paper. Refills are very cheap, Wi-Fi, scans direct to PC with sheet feeder. Best printer I ever had. Try and get one on sale and you wont be sorry.
I snapped up a Epson XP-8500 from JL end of last year for £89 or something like that.

Excellent printer, can even print on dvd media in case your kids want to make their own CD/DVD's.
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