Colour Printers - Any good deals?

    It's been a while since I've looked at colour printers, but the time has come to see what's out there.

    I've always been put off in the past by the high 'per page' cost due to the cartridges being more expensive than gold. I don't supposed that's changed much has it?

    Anyway as for the printer iself I'm mostly after something to print out the daughters home work, the occasional letter with a snap on it (or home made thank-you letters etc.) I've no significant need for top end photo printing. Again on the basis of cost, by the time you've bought the specialist paper and ink it's cheaper to send it to photobox or the like...

    I'm not bothered about the all-in-one printers. I'd not reject them on that basis but would VERY rarely use the scanner element so wouldn't pay any extra for one.

    Wireless or network connectivity would be of interest though...

    Ok, a tough wishlist I know, but am really just hoping for some pointers here...

    Ta all!


    Cartridges are still expensive IF you buy genuine. Using compatibles imo are more sensible but its down to a person's choice.

    Some cheap offers at the mo:

    HP D1660 from ]Comet for £29.99 (-5% using 5PRINT code)

    Lexmark Z2490 Wireless Inkjet Printer from ]Play for £34.99 delivered.

    HP Deskjet D5560 Wireless Printer from ]Staples for £42.36.

    Epson SX215 All in one printer from ]Currys for £39.99.

    HP F4580 All in one wireless printer from ]Comet for £49.99. (-5% using 5PRINT code)

    I got a good deal on a Canon printer from ebay - Canon have their own re-furb shop on there.

    Why not get a laser printer, far cheaper on a page by page basis than an inkjet.

    Here is a Xerox 6110 for £82.25.…660

    I have a 6110n (network enabled) plugged into my router so the whole family can use it.

    The color toners last for over 1,000 pages, and it can used compatibles.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the info, am tempted by the cheapie colour laser. I picked up a B&W laser off freecycle a while back, and the cost per page really comes down.

    Although I had a look for the 6110n and the price leaps from £82 to £156! ouch!

    Will take a look at the deals posted and have a ponder over the weekend.


    Original Poster

    I had a search through old posts and found a link to these people:-…0cn

    Any thoughts on the company / Dell 1320cn Printer?

    When my canon runs out of ink i go back to the canon site on ebay. I have bought my last 2 sets of ink there and they throw in a free printer. lol, i paid less for a new printer c/w inks than i would have paid for the inks on their own.
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