Coloured C6 envelopes required

    I need a supply (probably about 50 at the moment) of coloured envelopes at a very very reasonable price. I am chief groveller for raffle prizes etc at the school where I am a governor and always undertake the thank you letters/cards afterwards as I firmly believe you cant ask for favours without saying thank you. I print these myself and hand deliver most to avoid postage costs and don't take expenses as it is pointless working hard to make the money not to spend it on the things the school needs desperately. So I am looking for cheap ones please. Stationery Box used to do some lovely brightly coloured ones but have gone into liquidation so thats that source gone. Any ideas?????????
    Thank you


    You can buy packs at Hobbycraft, however I'm not totally sure what the cost is. You find them on the card blanks aisle so don't let any staff tell you they only have the singles.

    Other then hobbycraft, maybe the paper factory? I know they sell boxes of paper and card at great prices so since they have card making items I'd assume they also sell envelopes which would also hopefully be at good prices.

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    I will check hobbycraft - thank you. do you have a website for the paper factory?? Ive not heard of them before
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