Coloured Gem Stones in Rings

    Coloured Gem Stones (rubies, emeralds, saphires, etc) in rings - Do you think these look "tacky" or make the ring look inexpensive?

    I am trying to decide on a ring (my grandparents are getting me one for my birthday) and went for a look about during my lunch break today - one girl in a jewellery store I went to said that she finds coloured gems make rings look cheap, even if there are say ,diamonds, in the ring, in her opinion it can make it look very "christmas cracker prize" looking?

    I was going to get a diamond and peridot ring but as peridot isn't a very expensive gem stone, its hard to find a nice looking ring that has peridot in! I am now thinking about pink saphire or something or I could just go for a plain diamond ring? Not sure!

    Anyway, what are your opinions on coloured gem stones in rings?



    good luck in finding a pink sappire ring you will like, i have been looking for years

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    good luck in finding a pink sappire ring you will like, i have been … good luck in finding a pink sappire ring you will like, i have been looking for years

    That's me ******ed then. My birthday is in two weeks and even though I have been looking for about a month most lunch breaks and weekends, I cannot find a ring I like. :x


    what i will say is dont buy for the sake of buying, if you can't find something then just wait till you can, you buy just for the sake of it and you wont be happy

    there are some nice ones @ hsamuels here how much you looking to spend???…ing

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    I am definetely not going to just buy one for the sake of it. I am looking for a ring I really love. As it is from my grandparents it needs to be special.

    I have £250 to spend, ideally I would prefer white gold as I am not that keen on gold, especially yellow gold.


    most pink sapphires come set in white, they dont look right in yellow

    I got a pink sapphire ring in white gold My other half found it in a independent jewelers have you tried them? some will even make a ring in your own design

    The OH got this some time ago, good silversmith designers, lovely pink red eyes. or you can choose your own stones too

    "Skull and Crossbones solid sterling silver ring, with stoned red garnet jewel eyes. This is a ring with attitude. Our L:Ord and Master Designer Einhorn has been selling this particular beauty for over 10 years now. Yes others have now jumped on the 'skull' bandwagon, but he was the first and is THE BEST. The skull measures approximately 13mm from the top of his head to the bottom of his jaw and 14mm across from crossbone to crossbone. Made to order in White & Yellow Gold and Platinum. Also available with other precious and semi-precious stones."

    link ]here.

    Where are you based? My Uncle is a diamond setter and has a shop in Birminghams jewellery quarter. He has made me 3 rings now. I have a beautiful heart shaped blue sapphire ring with 4 small diamonds at either side that he made me for my 21st. The beauty is that you can basically design your own ring, tell him the design, what sort of stones you'd like and tell him your budget and I'm sure he'd be able to sort it for you.
    Then its a very special one off ring and exactly what you'd like and not just mass produced from Argos

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    Ok, I got one and I love it!

    I got it from Goldsmiths. It was in their sale reduced from £595 to £297 (genuine reduction). It is platnium with three diamonds in a row which are 0.25c. Its very pretty. However, it was the last one they had and was one size too big for me so I need it resized - boo!

    well done you!
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