Colourful Digital Camera with rechargeable battery under £100?

    Does anyone know of a decent Colourful Digital Camera with rechargeable battery under £100? Thanks!


    What do u mean by colourful...

    There is a 7mp green Fujifilm digital camera going for £13.49 on out of stock at the moment but will send as soon as they have stock in (Not known whether this is a misprice).

    EDIT: WAS A MISPRICE... NOW £99.99…454

    And it is rechargeable as well...

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    hmm prob a misprice.. thanks neway

    Order one... worst case scenario is they send you a cancelation email...

    im ordering one now! £13.49 !!!- prob mistake but worth a try

    i have ordered mine :lol:

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    any other suggestion otherwise? :P

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    Red Fujiflim FinePix 7MP £99.99 - … Red Fujiflim FinePix 7MP £99.99 -

    Any Good?

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    hmm not sure... thanks neway!

    What colour are you looking for - give us a clue


    hmm not sure... thanks neway!

    It looks really orange on the website but it the catalouge its a dark red!

    Just ordered 2 of the green ones for £13.49 each, order accepted, fingers crossed they come back into stock!! ;-)

    I ordered mine last night so fingers crossed.

    It looks like have spotted the mistake though and they have put the price up to £99.99 including delivery. just thought I would anyone new reading this.

    Mine is still showing as ordered and theres no cancellation email yet.

    Just had a cancellation email, pricing mistake and they can't supply for stated price. :w00t:Surprise surprise!! Was worth a try though eh? :-(
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