Combi boiler, one zone not working

Found 3rd Mar 2018
I installed Tado today downstairs, however I could not get it to fire up the boiler.

When I go upstairs and turn the old thermostat up the heating comes on for upstairs only. So my new house does appear to have zoning.

I took off tado and placed the old thermostat back on downstairs , I still cannot get the heating downstairs to kick in.

Would anyone have any ideas?

During installation I did trip the breaker due to neutral being connected to the NC port. I am worried that this may have done something which would explain why its not working.

Hot water also works downstairs.

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You will want to check the downstairs zone valve. If you have 230v on the brown wire it's sending a call for heat to there. 230v on the orange means the micro switch is making contact and so telling the boiler to fire.
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