Combi Boiler - Vaillant and Glow-Worm

Found 14th Sep 2014
I am after a new boiler and am trying to decide which manufacturer to go with. Somebody recommended a Glow-Worm with the logic being that they are owned by Vaillant, who make excellent boilers.

So my question is does anybody know if they are the same boiler save the exterior?
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Wosterboch very reliable!

Wosterboch very reliable!

Translated "Worcester Bosch"

Agreed, but it doesn't answer the question by op
We have a Valiant. I wouldnt recommend it.

We have a Valiant. I wouldnt recommend it.

same here. had nothing but problems with valiant and never had a problem with potterton or worcester bosch.
I got one free, if u earn less than 16k you can too and if you have kids.
if your go by that logic sonier devall is the same just a glow worm installed backwards, look it up.

what ever boiler you go for make sure the installer is gas safe and make sure they fill in the benchmark form and get it registered and get a service every year, baxi are offering 10 year guarantee on platinum

but if your swapping and not relocating check with the installer as the pipes are not always the same way round meaning extra labour to save a few quid on a boiler
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what do you mean

if they are the same boiler save the exterior?


what do you mean

I am asking if they have the same internals. For example a Seat Leon is the broadly same car as a VW Golf, save the styling.
The answer is no,

They are similar but not the same
I would get the Glow worm though, the new ones seem pretty reliable. You are paying for the name with the Vailant

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stick with vaillant or worcester for a combi boiler. as long as u dont let sludge or iron oxide build up inside the boiler u will get years out of it. glow worm maybe owned by vaillant but the reliability is not the same.
You can't go wrong with an Ideal Logic +

It's the only combi I recommend, although if the customer insists I will fit anything.
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