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Found 15th Mar
I need to buy a Combi drill and I’ve got a budget around 50 £ . I know it’s not a lot but surely I can buy something ? Purpose of use just for diy at home . Thanks Paddy
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look at workzone brand in aldi
How about this Titan brand from Screwfix, a little over your budget but has excellent reviews screwfix.com/p/t…533

I have a Titan Chainsaw and it is excellent.

Being SDS it may be overkill for what you want.

If you just want a hammer drill could consider this .... screwfix.com/p/t…908

I'm pretty clueless but I ended up getting this one when I was in the same position a few months back. Happy with it so far
screwfix.com/p/b…34k - only one battery but it's a damn powerful battery.

Or: amazon.co.uk/Bos…06C
This one is on sale regularly - so if can are patient it will be on sale soon.
Thanks guys for all recommendations. Do you think it’s better to wait till Easter to get a better deal ? Major retailers might do some discounts ?
If it doesn't have to be cordless then Titan is a very good value for money and reliable brand.
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