combi he30 cuts out after a few minutes

    Please help! I have a Baxi Combi HE30 boiler that works fine for a few minutes and then cuts out. I have to re set it to make it start again, but after a few minutes again it does the same thing. I had a new pump fitted only a few weeks ago.


    Sounds like it over heating and the safety circuit is turning it off,did the installation work after the pump was fitted?

    BTW what error message does it display?

    What is the pressure showing when it cuts out.
    Are they not designed to cut out if under / over pressure ??

    Does it cut out in heating or hw? What's the error message? When was your last service? (repairs don't

    Why was the pump fitted?

    could be a problem with pump/valve/thermocouple....

    I had this happen to my combi boiler as well.

    In my case, it was high winds blowing the external exhaust vent off the wall. Apparently this causes the exhaust fumes to be blown back into the boiler (or words to that effect, sort of). A quick look showed the plastic vent was missing and it was located lying at the bottom of the street. Stuck it back on with some strong glue, reset the boiler, and it has been fine since.
    It may be the same in your case given the current windy conditions but it only takes a quick look to eliminate this cause if not.

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    That happens to mine a lot when its very wet and/or windy. It seems to interrupt the signal to the boiler. Had the engineer test it and he can't find anything wrong.

    5 questions on 7 posts..... nothing from getme123..

    Why bother putting "Please help"
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