Combination (keypad) front door lock - good deal or recommendations?

    I am replacing my front door soon and was thinking of getting a number-pad door lock rather than key-operated one. Can anyone recommend anything or give any advice (even if it is to steer clear!)



    Not sure how it would affect your insurance. Is it really secure? Surely a 5 lever mortice thingy me bob is much safer?? As you can tell I know nothing about doors so may be best to wait for some better advice!!

    I use these locks often in a care home. Not very reliable.Always fixing/replacing them. Tend to pack up within 6 months(depending on use)
    Screwfix do a version (£50 ish) but quality not as good as the Travis Perkins lock.(£70 ish)
    Hope this helps.

    didn't you watch Eastenders on Tuesday?

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    didn't you watch Eastenders on Tuesday?

    in a word, no ;-)
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