Combination Microwave Oven (with oven cooking) (large!)…8-1

    Something similar to this.

    This has a 40L capacity which is good and cooks like a normal oven too.

    Anything similar out there but cheaper? Or better if not much extra?

    Thanks guys!!!


    Original Poster…8-1

    ^^^ Link from first post so you can click it.

    gonna be buying on in the next week ill let you know if I find one

    Oh i had a sharp on loan when my combi microwave broke the glass plate.The Sharp one i had was rubbish.Mind you that was a few years ago now.

    What about this…htm
    Not had time to look at the difference between this and the Sharp one
    Blimey is the same one in Amazon…EO8
    Might buy it myself as i have to hit my combi to get mine working now .
    And there is a code here some where for 10% off on Empire Direct.Makes it £89.99
    Its not in stock but they are waiting delivery.
    Empire Direct have just called and it is being delivered Tuesday .I cant wait .
    Got the combi microwave now and its so nice. Lights up all blue.I have never used my normal oven in 10 years apart from at Christmas time.
    Crossbow how you getting on with yours ? Bit complicated, as its differnt than my Panasonic combi i had before.But what a bargain !
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