Come along, let's have a nice chat!

    Who wants a nice, jolly chat? It's 2.22... tell me something new!


    It's 2.23 and I need a wee!


    It's 3.59 and I'm freezing

    Snow was my idea

    Its 6:07, Just in from work and the casino

    6.09 and have been up since 4? Why? Ask the jolly 3 year old
    Edited by: "RosieWoo" 27th Nov 2010

    It's 07.22 and it's my day off....from the casino

    its 9.27 and im off to play some football in the cold

    Its 9.30am and i am on here in the nice warm as sons football match has been cancelled

    its 9.48 and OH is in Prague, dogs are playing in the snow, kids are still in bed and I am about to start ironing.
    Edited by: "bitseylango" 27th Nov 2010

    It's 9.49 and I am off out to do some Christmas shopping.

    its 10.15 and a lovely sunny day in liverpool...just getting ready for a 1 hour session at the gym
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