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Found 10th Jun 2011
Well, got my copy today. Used gamestation credit - matched asda price of £33.90 + £2 credit on loyalty card...

Anyway... so far been interesting...

Seems - well - buggy! A lot of the monsters just stand there and let you kill them.

Hope they fix it - so far not too impressed. Will trade in for £35 next weekend. lol.


i'm gonna play some more tonight/tomorrow but tempted just to take it in for trade in over the weekend think the price will drop fairly soon better to get in quick

What format? Im liking it on the pc so far, not seen many bugs at all yet, saying that i noticed an update was already out when I tried to play it this morning.

on xbox its pretty awful loading times when you get killed or at start of levels takes around 45seconds the graphics are poor also

You shouldn't touch this till it's tenner time.

i downloaded mine, didnt cost a penny



You shouldn't touch this till it's tenner time.

About 2 weeks then

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XBOX - the mothership battle is really annoying me. So close to completing that...

The difficulty level is so badly set and varies greatly.

I WANT to like it... I REALLY do. Its enjoyable but not for 33 quid. Only bought it as had credit and knew Id be able to get virtually all my money back next weekend trading in for Alice.
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was looking forward to playing this, not bothered to buy it though as i'm pretty sure it'll be half price within a couple of weeks going by what people i know have said

stupid question, can you go online with it? and/or split screen.

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stupid question, can you go online with it? and/or split screen.

You can - havent tried it yet though...

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Wierd - why did things get posted twice? ust be the Duke Nukem bugs spreading!

Played about an hour last night and... thought it was pretty bad actually !
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