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Found 24th Aug 2010
As you may or may not know - after my lunch I like to post a thread and see what's happening out there today.

So today is going to be about the Lockerbie Disaster and Mr Megrahi himself.


I am aware that this is an old news story however; my family lived in Lockerbie at the time and still stay there. I also went to school in Lockerbie so just wanted to see what everyone else thought about the bombings.

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Dont think Megrahi did it ( or at least I dont think he did it all by himself ).

Dont think his release is a cover up to help BP etc.

Dont think he should have been released under medical conditions.

I think Justice Sec had a difficult choice under the medical "evidence" given.

Overall a poor situation. Not very proud to be Scottish when on holiday talking to Americans about it!

If we had capital punishment for this type of scum this wouldn't now be an issue.

Still questions about why some Americans were told to cancel their bookings just before it left.
Seems to me that CIA or some other organisation had prior knowledge of threat but did not publicise it. Maybe it suited them to allow it to happen aothough how that could be I just can't understand.
"Evidence" (fragments of timing device) found by US searchers after UK investigators had thoroughly searched crash area highly dodgy.
Salmond had/has nothing to gain from any UK/Libya deal - he is more likely to shop UK government than to act as their stooge.
Megrahi refused medical treatment that he immediately accepted when back in Libya. I think he was trying to make his condition seem worse. It was a trick but it worked.
Prison doc could have consulted best oncological authorities here and in States before making his prognosis - he didn't and that was a mistake.
Justice Secretary knew about dodgy "evidence" and was not personally convinced of the safety of Megrahi's conviction and he made his decision on the basis of flawed medical prognosis.
Maybe it was his way of setting free a man he believed was not actually guilty.
American senators are getting ready for difficult mid term elections. Make up your own mind about their motives.
Maybe Scottish MSPs should carry out a reciprocal investigation of the American involvement in Cuba, Grenada (under UK control when they invaded) Kosovo, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Blame the Americans they are usually at the root of any international 'issue'.



Blame the Americans they are usually at the root of any international … Blame the Americans they are usually at the root of any international 'issue'.

a sick cynical mind you have there
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