Come on Leeds and Lewis!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just want to give my support to the mighty Leeds today as they play Leyton Orient. And also to Lewis Hamilton, let's hope he gets a good result in qualyfying


    yes...good luck chaps! hehe

    With you there on the footy mate:thumbsup:,backed Beckford for 1st goal scorer aswell:thumbsup:


    Win needed to get back up towards the play-off places. Come on Leeds.

    leeds will win today have got my lucky socks on!

    Go on Leeds...

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    [COLOR="White"]Handball by Tamika Mkandawire (Leyton Orient). Free kick scored by Bradley Johnson (Leeds) Head (bottom-right of goal) from centre of penalty area (6 yards).Leyton Orient 0-1 Leeds.[/COLOR]


    leeds will win today have got my lucky socks on!

    Good work!!
    Wash by hand yourself, ready for next time.

    will do.... well done Leeds We are going up up up !!!!!!!!!

    Original Poster

    We did it!!!!! 2-0 not bad at all. Just need our fifteen points back and were automatically back up:-D

    15 points
    who gives a ****
    we`re super Leeds
    and we`re going up

    14th April is D-Day for us,just hope they see sense and give `em back

    leeds are dirty cheating scumbags


    leeds are dirty cheating scumbags

    :w00t::w00t: bitter?

    about what?

    Them cheating their way out of debts?


    about what?Them cheating their way out of debts?

    Thought ya might have been on about the game.And yes Master Bates is a ruthless man who only thinks about himself.

    Football is a game where cheaters nine times out of ten prosper.

    Only upsets me as my club has only ever spent what they have, meaning we are usually only in league one.

    Teams that go as far under as leeds did with so many people owed money should be banished from the league and not repaid by 8p in the £1.
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