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    Have just seen a really clever mine to the song 'Wherever i lay my hat' - paul young, by the same bloke who did the mime to Natalie Impruglias - Torn(featured on Secret Policemans ball) I think the guys name is David Armand - does anyone know of any other material he has - a DVD maybe?


    I believe he's from an American TV show which seemed a little like Little Britain to be honest, but I didn't find it that funny when I managed to get hold of it. I can't remember the name now...

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    :-( maybe it's just one of those acts that is best kept to seeing it from time to time to keep it a novelty - thanks for the input :thumbsup:

    It was called The Hollow Men. I think it maybe appealed to American audiences more then it did to me...

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    Thanks for the info:thumbsup:
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