Comet and my Sony SR32E Cam! (advise Needed)

    I was in comet yesterday looking for a cam, i buy this discontinued sr32e with 40% off BARGIN! only total £190, i get home to find the docking station missing, so i pack it all up and take iot back they look for another but it they dont fit, i ask the person for a further discount they offer £20, this i accept, i have come away with my cam, but now i notice i have no way of getting the info off the cam onto pc and cant use the tv output (it all requires the docking station) the cheapest i have seen is £100 :O.

    WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!!



    take it back and tell them you don't want it because the docking station is a major part which is missing and get your money back

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    do they have to refund ?

    i thought i accepted the items without dockingstation so i cant?

    when you take home an item you have never used before and find that a part is missing ,ok you thought you did not need this docking station then you go to link it up to use on your pc . How are you to know this , just take it back your be fine as in the first place thay should not have sold you it incomplete

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    my next prob is getting similar cam for same price!

    can't help you on that but by your post i would think the original cam aint no good to you now anyway ! so just keep looking for a deal

    will this work for using the avout?

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    will this work for using the avout?

    it would be ideal but still noway of transfering to pc!
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