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    Hello. I have a bit of a dilemma. I bought my laptop in Jan 07 from Comet and took out the 3 year warranty with it. Unfortunately i have misplaced the paperwork relating to this and called Comet today to ask for a replacement set of docs. The advisor on the other end told me that my warranty had expired and that i only had it for 1 year after the manufacturers guarantee. Im almost certain that it was for 3 years and had paid around £130 for it. Id there anything else i can do apart from try and find the docs?




    contact the company they use?

    Total Product Cover is underwritten by AIG UK Limited

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    contact the company they use?Total Product Cover is underwritten by AIG … contact the company they use?Total Product Cover is underwritten by AIG UK Limited

    Good idea, do you think i should go into the comet branch and see if theres anything they can do?


    I would slap myself in the face for buying an extended warranty cover....if all else fails take them to small claims after you've got it in writing that they refuse to repair the laptop.

    lol - I'd go for the slapping of the face too but after that - how did you pay most banks\credit card companies keep online statements for 6 years - if you know how much the laptop was you'll know for sure if you paid extra for the cover by checking the statements.

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    Haha id beat the crap outta myself if i could!

    Yeah i have it on my statements but im not sure if they'll accept that. Im sure it was a total of 130 for the 3 years.

    Agree with the coments about extended warranties.

    According to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (As amended) the goods must be

    As described
    Free from faults
    Reasonably durable

    A 12 month "manufacturer's warranty" is meaningless

    Your contract is with the shop you bought the thing from. Not the manufacturer.

    An extended warranty is in addition to that

    If it ain't reasonably durable (and I'd submit 2 1/2 years isn't very durable for a lappie).

    You may need to get the small claims court invlved and/or Which? Legal Service (about a tenner for 3 months)

    Go get 'em.

    Hi all,

    Comet do only one extened cover which is for 2 years (including 1 year manufacturer warranty) and they charge approx £130. There is no 3-year warranty in £130.

    I bought the same extended cover for my Sony vaio in Oct-07, Also claimed it after 1.5 year and get my Sony Vaio replaced .......... lol.
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