Comet - freezer bought just before christmas now in sale - ideas?

    Relative just bought an LG with the ice dispenser/cold water and it appears to have been reduced heavily from ~£800 to £499

    I'm sure this was bought in December and wondered if Comet had any sort of comeback for the sales price. I'm sure some retailers guarantee that if the price goes down they will give the difference or am I imagining things? If I remember correctly don't certain credit card providers offer something similar too?

    If it was £100 or so I'd leave it this seems a massive saving and I feel a bit sorry for them. Any pointers appreciated


    say it doesnt fit and take it back then just go to a different store.

    this aint your local family store, its a giant chain. They will not cry while handing out a refund. If you are entitled to a full refund anywhere I would be quite blunt about it. If not, then I would do the above posters action.

    Hi Chrisred Comet will refund the difference plus 10% of the difference if you can find it cheaper within 14 days of purchase,I know I have just done it today,Take your receipt into the store you bought it from.
    hope this helps you.
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