Comet Laptop Warranty problem.

    I have a problem. My laptop is re-booting really randomly. It's old, but it should have been repaired by Comet's service centre. They said it has, but it obviously hasn't.

    The problem is, the laptop seems to pass the tests that Comet does (like leaving it on for 48 hours) but it doesn't work properly when it's in use. This is a bit of a problem... as the fault doesn't seem to have any obvious "cause" (I'd GUESS it's some sort of build up of static or a lose connection) I find it really difficult to replicate and thus it's very hard to prove to Comet that the lappy doesn't work properly.

    I sent them a letter of complaint (as displayed in comment #1 on this topic) which explains the situation/problem well, but their reply was simply to take it back to the shop (who sent me home with it the other day) or call out their home team. They agreed to fix it out of warranty as it's the same job, but I fear that it'll just return as having "passed all tests" again.

    Any advice?

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    Letter to Comet:

    Dear Sir/Madam.

    I have an Acer Travelmate 230 which I purchased from your Comet store (store name hidden throughout) in August 2003. Along with the laptop, I purchased the 5 year extended warranty.

    In April, a fault came to my attention which causes the laptop to reboot at sporadic intervals. It seems to be most common when the laptop is touched around the mousepad or the screen is moved, and sometimes when the desk that the laptop is on is nudged slightly. The laptop goes through periods of having this problem every few minutes but can also sometimes go for days without ever restarting. At first I thought that this problem could be due to the insulative formica/glass surfaces that I was using it on, but the fault is also apparent when using the laptop on my wooden kitchen table. The fault has resulted in many problems, including lost work and the laptop restarting whilst burning data to a disc, rendering that disc useless. Whilst I am aware that these losses are not something which your 5 year extended warranty covers, I hope you can understand that the effects of the fault itself are proving to be extremely frustrating.

    I rang the Comet Helpline, who asked me to run the laptop in the BIOS mode (by pressing F2 during startup), and run the laptop on the mains with the battery left out. The laptop restarted after just 5 minutes in this mode, thus ruling out any problem with the battery or the computer's software. I rang the Comet Helpline again and they agreed to book it in for repair. The laptop went in for repair in May (I had to travel 12 miles to the store in order to return it). A couple of weeks later I was told that the laptop was repaired and travelled the 12 miles back to the store in order to pick it up again.

    The log sheet said that the laptop had passed the 48 hour test. It appeared to have been cleaned up considerably too. I was quite happy with this, until I started using the laptop again and it continued to have the same problems that I experienced before the "repair". I could only assume that all that was done to the laptop was the cleaning of the screen/keyboard! At this point, I also noticed that the volume "wheel" on the side of the laptop wasn't operating correctly (when you turn the volume right down to zero it suddenly plays at full volume again!).

    I rang the Comet Helpline again. They said that the laptop shouldn't have been returned to me as it needed new parts! They asked me to once again return it to the Comet store in * - yet another 24 mile round trip each time I delivered it and picked it up. In addition to the problem with the rebooting I informed the Comet staff of the volume issue, which was also noted on the new job sheet. Two weeks later I was asked to return to the store in order to pick up the laptop and was told that both issues had been fixed. This wasn't the case.

    Both issues are still present. I tried to persevere with the laptop but the rebooting just doesn't allow it to perform its intended function. I rang the comet store directly this time and spoke to the same sales assistant that I had done on the two previous occassions. I was asked to bring it back into the store (yet again) where the sales assistant, (name removed), rang the Comet Helpline. He was told (by the Computer Helpline) that we'd have to take the laptop back home and perform the BIOS test yet again before it could go for repair! The Comet Helpline said that they wanted to check that it was a hardware fault rather than a software fault. I find this slightly insulting, as I am aware that a software fault cannot cause the laptop to reboot like this (especially when it has already been both tested in the BIOS mode and re-formatted several times since the problem arose).

    The laptop's extended warranty has now expired, although the work which Comet claimed to to have carried out in previous months still has not been completed to a satisfactory standard, if at all - leaving me with an inoperable laptop having purchased a warranty that didn't seem to be worth the paper that it was written on.

    Please could you look into this matter and contact me as soon as possible. I look forward to your response.
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