Comet Total Product Cover

    Anyone used this before?

    I bought it with my 42" plasma nearly 3 years ago. Seems to be an intermittent fault - flickering on the screen - and wanted to know how they handle this kind of thing. With it being intermittent I reckon that their service centre wont find it - Sods law etc

    If I am honest I'd rather they just gave me Comet vouchers to the value of the TV so I can get a new one. Do they then keep the duff one? Or can I keep it - its still watchable and I am sure I could find a use for it.


    dont know but just wondered how u got on with that oven from B&Q?

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    dont know but just wondered how u got on with that oven from B&Q?

    What a saga. It is still sat there and they have no intention of selling it I think. The last time I was in I got another manager who tried to sell it for more than the previous manager!


    I spoke to the kitchens manager who says to keep an eye on it - it may go discontinued. Then they will try harder to shift it.

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    they take away the old one if they cant fix it

    Cool - thats what i wanted to know

    You may not get anything if they can't find a fault.

    We brought a 52 " tv last year with the 5 year warranty, when we brought the guy in the shop suggested we accidently drop while decorating after 4 1/2 years because they would actomatically change it for a new one. Hope this helps
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