Comfort Wipe

    Comfort Wipe is the new, revolutionary sanitary toilet tissue assist that allows you to easily reach with comfort.

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    Well, this thread is full of fail....

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    not for me, sorry martin:)

    try the second link may have beter luck if not will remove poast

    this was posted in bitter wallet last month i believe.

    ROFLMAO @ the comment on Amazon if you go to the related page:…QW8

    What a joy!

    For years my life has been a series of tragedies, starting at the young age of 7 when bathing myself I developed a strange rash. After consulting several physicians I learned that I was, in fact, allergic to myself. For the next 20 years, I had to avoid contact with my own body, not allowing any part of myself to fold or crease. I couldn't wash my hair, scratch my back, imitate McCauley Culkin, or alas, wipe my buttocks.

    Such a condition caused my to be outcast from my friends and sent me into a spiraling depression, causing me to gain upwards of 650 pounds. Now more than ever I was in need of a tool to allow me to properly clean my hindquarters after a particularly bowlbusting release. In later years, I'm sad to admit, I resorted to dragging myself around on the carpet in the same way that Buster, my labradoodle does.

    Enter the Ideaworks Long Reach Comfort Wipe, my relatively short arms and crippling allergy will no longer stand in the way of me and a clean sphincter. My carpets will remain clean, my hands and cheeks rash-free, and the smell of lingering dingleberries will no longer follow me.

    Thank you Ideaworks Long Reach Comfort Wipe, you're not just a product of convenience, you are a lifesaving device!
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