Posted 22nd Dec 2022 (Posted 20 h, 28 m ago)
Hi all. I like to fall asleep listening to a podcast or book. At the moment I use a generic sleep band, it says music or enjoying on the front. I tried the hoomband but it didn't fit me well. If anyone has found a solution I would be grateful of any tips.

Edit. I sleep on my side which causes discomfort using earbuds.

Thank you.
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    I would say in-ear earphones would probably be the best if you plan on wearing all night. But your milage will vary so much compared to everyone else, it's almost impossible to suggest a pair that would be guaranteed to be comfortable for you. I personally just use samsung earbuds and get through a night just fine with them in. I've also used over-head sony headphones but they get a bit much after a night or 2.
    Thanks I should of mentioned I sleep on my side. I tried ear buds but the ones I had wasn't comfortable laying on my side.
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    Not sure on there proper name but if you type sleep speaker mask in Amazon there's loads of soft sleeping mask stuff that have small speakers built in which may well work for you?
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    Have someone read to you, then you can still fall asleep.
    I have requested this. I have been declined.
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    Are you sleeping on your own? if so just buy an echo dot or something similar.

    I tend to use my galaxy live buds under my sleep mask but it does have thick bands going around my head. Can be fun finding them in the morning sometimes if it slips but i don't listen to audio books that often when going to sleep these days.
    Nah need to be quiet or the wife tells me off. Can you sleep on your side with thaoe buds?
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    Pillow speaker?
    Never had one. Ill have a look. Thanks.
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    Skullcandy Jib. You can get both wired and wireless pairs, and are actually VERY cheap to buy.

    They are in-ear but since they are so small they comfortably pop in like ear plugs and work fine even if you roll onto your side because there’s almost nothing sticking out.

    If you go wireless the two are still attached by a short wire to a little box that houses the battery and Bluetooth receiver. Unfortunately that’s the trade-off for tiny earbuds that don’t stick out of your ears.

    Sweet. This could be the win. Thank you
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