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Comfortable pillows, arthritic neck

Posted 22nd Sep
Hello, could anyone recommend some decent pillows, as the title says I have arthritis in my neck, shoulders etc, I’ve tried the shaped memory foam ones, don’t like them, just want a normal comfortable pillow where my head doesn’t sink to the bottom but doesn’t feel like a rock?
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I was going to say shaped pillow. You could try the pillow that inflate so you can alter to your liking. Apart from that your just going to have to use a bag of feathers
Try to find a Dunlopillo latex pillow. They aren't as hard as memory foam, they fit your requirements perfectly I think. There are some with a latex core, you want the fully latex ones.
Brill, thank you, I’ll have a look at those options, except feathers, I forgot to mention, I’m allergic to them
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As mentioned Dunlopillo, they used to be great but reviews on quality were mixed when we checked a couple of years after they were sold, best to find one in store and try them.

We have Tempur ones now expensive but excellent especially with neck problems, try one in John Lewis they are amazing and often on offer in Debenhams.
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I’m with Deeky, Dunlopillo Latex, expensive but worth it. You can try them out in Bensons for Beds. I have a British made one, have done for years and still going strong. They’re now made in China after the UK factory closed but they’re still well made.
Yep Dunlopillo as said love mine
Thanks everyone, afternoon of testing today 🤞🏻
claire751922/09/2019 11:25

Thanks everyone, afternoon of testing today 🤞🏻

Let us know how you get on
hubby used a sheep wool pillow cost us 59 pound but worth the money
Latex foams pillows are good but the Dunlopillo ones are much harder than they used to be. Something like the Healthbeds ones are closer to the classic dunlopillo.
I agree with others latex is the best I won't buy anything else. My old Dunlopillo was the best, but now recent Dunlopillo's are much firmer and higher/deeper than they used to be. This is because they no longer use 'Talaylay' latex which was softer.

I recently purchased the Xiaomi 8H Z1 Pillow (full Natural Latex) £35 Inc delivery, seriously comfortable and good value
Sandy101222/09/2019 17:31

This is because they no longer use 'Talaylay' latex which was softer.

Talalay refers to adding a couple of extra steps to the production process to change the texture of the resulting foam. While the different structure can help make softer foams possible, the primary thing that determines hardness is the composition of the ingredients. You can get very firm Latex foam made using the Talalay version of the process.

It also has a couple of disadvantages, such as much higher electricity use and reduced durability which is why it's not universally used.
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