“Comfortable” trainers/shoes day to day use

Posted 22nd Sep
*mens shoes/trainers*

My feet have been in pain over the past few weeks since buying flat trainers that I’m wearing over my jeans daily.

I think I’m going to need something with arch support?

Any recommendations? I hear the ultra boost st are great but they look a bit too sporty to wear to the office day to day.
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Sketchers do some comfortable men’s shoes and trainers
+1 for Skechers, their ‘Go Walk’ range have a very thick cushioned lining and sole, you feel like you’re bouncing along rather than feel every crack in the pavement.
They mainly do trainers (even in black) but they also do smart casual shoes, such as this
Skechers Business shoe £54.66
I ignored the bit of pain until it was to late. I now have plantar fasciitis with heal spur. I ware arch support Insoles now. Seek advice if you think you have a foot problem
Toms all the way. I have a loads of Toms now and can’t live without them
Timberland, the Eurohiker boot isn't a boot at all, and they feel like slippers on your feet they're that comfortable.


Ugly as sin, (subjective) but they'll last you 6/12 months depending on how much you have them on your feet, and feel like you're walking around in ya slippers.
Cant go wrong with vans, they make a lightweight comfortable variant now
deleted141029722/09/2019 18:53

Cant go wrong with vans, they make a lightweight comfortable variant now

Is that the "comfycush" range?
I find the regular flat soled ones don't help my flat feet.
I've overdone the walking for weight loss / fitness thing and can sympathise with wayners.
Watching this thread with much interest.
Asics gel trainers are pretty kind on the feet.
Get yourself some of these..... PRO 11 WELLBEING Orthotic Insoles Full Length with Arch Supports, Metatarsal and Heel Cushion for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment (6.5-8) Blue amazon.co.uk/dp/…9PP
If you do buy Skechers do not get the memory foam soles ones- your feet slide around and it makes it worse.
Oh and toms arnt just flat slips on like people believe. Check out the website they have a wide range now
Skechers Go Walk 4 are absolutely amazing, I have arthritis in my feet and the memory foam cushioned sole is heaven, I wear half insoles inside which fit nicely.
If you have flat feet you should ask your Dr to refer you to a podiatrist ASAP, they will fit you some insoles, they’re a life changer.
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New Balance 1080v9, comfiest shoes I've ever worn. I've spent years wearing Asics with orthotic insoles and that combo stopped working for me a while ago. I also have a pair of Brooks Glycerin 16, they are very comfy too, but a bit flashy looking.
Interim suggestion. New insoles?

I have some lightweight Nike trainers, and swapped out with shaped insoles that are tons more comfortable.

I get the shoe I want, and comfort.
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