comic book Question

    Dunno if anyone can shed some light on this for me but here goes!!

    the thing is i have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many comics and need to even out my comic book to actual space ratio and wanted to know if there is anywhere in either Coventry / Birmingham / Nuneaton or Bedworth that value and poss buy them

    even tho i love them dearly i really do need to get rid of some. they are mixed some oldish and some within the last coupl o months

    any advice directions or actual places where i can vaule and poss sell some /all i need to would be awesome

    cheers for reading and hopefully helping if at all!!!



    Yellow Pages ?

    Check ebay for valuations.Thats the only thing I can suggest.

    Where abouts do you live? There are a few good comic stores in Manchester that give valuations/buy.

    Original Poster

    not a fan of ebay for anything other dead cert buys but thanks and i love manchester for comics but sadly i'm in the midlands a bit of a trek might consider waiting for megabus or national express deals to get somewhere like that. on well everything i've found so far is online valuations which vary quite a bit!! thanks for help tho guys!!

    I use comicbookrealm to keep track of my comic collection but they also have prices for each comic on what they think they are worth. Their forum gets quite a lot of people buying and selling on as well.
    They are American tho so all prices are USD, however the value changes automatically based on the condition that you grade them.

    Perhaps you could see if any of them stand out on that site as rare. People on here might buy some as well although you would have to wait 7days from today.

    Original Poster

    cheers mate will look into it gonna take a while to sort how many i actually have to shift too
    will think about here but its not the best place i reckon for this kinda thing. hit and miss!

    will deffo check out the site tho cheers!

    Unless you have anything rare you will have a hard time - there just isn't the market for them.
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