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    Are rare comic books worth just as much as ones written in English?


    What do you mean?


    What do you mean?

    ​they've left out the language of the comic book in the question

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    I've seen a rare comic book. the English versions worth quite a bit but this version is in another language so was wondering if it's worth the same as the English version?

    It depends. Usually the original is released earlier and then they translate later. Whats the title?

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    amazing Spider-Man no 2 the vulture

    That came out in may 1963. What language is the comic book in?

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    Can you email the seller and ask for a photo of the first page. Bottom. The printing info should be there with a date. If i remeber correctly its not the same as the english version. And the reproduced them for international markets

    I believe they are reprints from 1999

    If im right anyway. I think it was a limited run. If you can get it cheap enough and cgc grade it. 8.5+, i would say minimum price you can sell it for would be £180 easily

    Im sure they are limited to 1000prints
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