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Yestarday they comic relief said if you text a certain number £10 gets taken away from your sim?

Does anyone know the number and what you text?

I got loads of £10 sims I aint going to use them so I am going to give them all to comic relief at this moment in time is it still possible to give money?


you can text "yes" to 70005 and you have donated a fiver m8-dont know the one for a tenner tho

70010 text YES

What a thoughtful thing to do, well done.

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Thanks guys. Got like £80 worth of sims, instead of sitting there I think it should go to a worthy event such as this.

Thanks again.

it costs you £10 + standard network charge for a text message !!!

Text 'Yes' to 70010 and it costs £10 plus standard network charge.

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What I will do is since it going to charge £10.00 + what every else they charge for text.

I will do £5 on all the sims. Since all are orange sims I will give orange a call ask to transfer the remaining amounts from other sims to one sim only. Then the left over can go to comic relief aswell.

Don't know if it's still active but during Chris Moyles 52 hour show you could text 'chris' to 70011 to pledge £1.

Means you could always pledge the fiver then four £1 on each (assuming chris is still valid)?

very nice idea


Nice one mate!

ohh i have a few t-mob sims with credit in (about £15) which i dont use so will donate them, thanks op nice idea

found this people if your donating smaller amounts by mobile TEXT DONATION red nose day

In addition, HM Treasury have confirmed that no VAT should be charged on … In addition, HM Treasury have confirmed that no VAT should be charged on these donations.3. You can send a text message between 00:01 on 28th February and 23.59 on 31st March 2011.

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