Comicon 2013 whos going this year

    Really looking forward to going anyone already been post your helpful tips and experiences below


    USA or UK?

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    the best one US

    Just out of interest how much is it costing ya. Me and a friend want to go but the prices for hotels alone are extortionate

    Haven't been to comic con, but you to stay out there. San Diego, German for whale's vagina, is pretty mental during that time and is fun just looking at how extreme people go.

    Mmm, cosplay gals.
    I would love to go, is 31 too old?

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    They still not selling the badges yet you just dont have to get discouraged when you go online and queue(something us british are best at) and you see theres 20,000 ppl in front of you.Unless you can get on pre registration then you just have to wait.

    Would love to go to comicon.. maybe one year ey.

    Agreed. Need to go to more expos

    I'd love to go to Comicon in America one day, I've been to MCM in London a few times but that was a few years ago now. I love the atmosphere and how friendly everyone is, being hugged by complete strangers and meeting people with similar interests is lovely, hope you have a good time if you guys get to go

    My spidey senses are tingling.


    , being hugged by complete strangers

    Did you still have your wallet aferwards?

    I've arranged a few trips to Comicon, its a heck of an experience. If you can manage it, go.

    My only quibble is with the yanks holding what they call a 'World Event' in a city with no international airport, making getting there that much harder (and longer) then it should be...


    Did you still have your wallet aferwards?

    Yes I did, I think they were all just being genuinely friendly!


    Mmm, cosplay gals.I would love to go, is 31 too old?

    Anything over 8 is too old for this kinda thing
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