Coming VERY soon!!! 12 Days of Christmas Competition 2010-11

Found 19th Dec 2010
BEWARE - The 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS on HOTUKDEALS is just around the corner!! Previously this competition had been held just before the big day, but THIS YEAR its going to run from Christmas Day all through to January 6th 2011!

If you've entered in the past you'll know what happens. But this is an OPEN contest, fought on a daily basis.

What happens? Well, for each of TWELVE days you'll be asked to find the cheapest and/or the best deal online. Viewers in previous years will know that sometimes the hunt will be for something STRAIGHTFORWARD, like a specific DYSON cleaner, but other days it'll be for something a bit odd or weird, like the BEST PRESSIE FOR DAD for under a tenner. Each day is different!

Some general rules:

1. I'll pop up each day's competition as early in the day as I can, so you have as much time as you need to seek out the best online deal. You'll find it here on HUKD at MISC - and I'll TITLE it with something like '12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS - DAY ONE' - so its a little easier to find. Entries can come in as late as 11.59pm that evening.

2. You can enter as many times as you want in a day. Its not like some of those comeptitions where you get just one shot and you're done. You can come back and try again if someone beats your entry. Just reply to the current thread with details of your find, the price, and a link. I'll INCLUDE the current winning price in the title of the thread so you know where we are with things.

3. Sometimes its about the price (so cheapest wins), and sometimes its about the originality of the thing. Either way, I have the final say (sorry ) in who the winner is, and will try to announce it in that day's thread as quickly as possible. Everything has to be obtainable from a UK-based online source, should be available and IN STOCK. Prices you give should be for INDIVIDUAL ITEMS, SHOULD INCLUDE VAT AND DELIVERY. EBAY items are EXCLUDED, and ITEMS SHOULD BE NEW, not SECOND HAND. DISCOUNT CODES can be used but should only be available to the GENERAL PUBLIC, but VOUCHERS can't. Items must be deliverable to a UK address (i.e. its not acceptable to pick them up from a local store etc). QUIDCO and other cashback services can't be included in the final price, as you won't get to see the saving for some time. Sorry

4. We're doing this for the fun of it, so regrettably there aren't any prizes. That's unless some nice soul comes up with the goods and wants to push out some freebies to winners. There are some nice people out there after all!

5. Note that I'm not liable if you accidentally end up buying an item online! You're responsible for your actions, so don't click that BUY button to check out the price of something unless you know you're not actually buying it

6. That's it. Have fun, be nice. Be original, and enjoy! See you first thing on Saturday 25th December for the first in the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS here on HUKD.

zampa -


See you first thing on Sunday 25th December

Sunday is 26th

You mean Saturday 25th.

opps didnt see ur post until i posted
Edited by: "DrWeeden" 19th Dec 2010

Wasn't that from last year?

No, last year Sunday was the 27th!

Original Poster

Date changed!!! Oops

Original Poster

bumping to you...
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