Comments from people who never submit deals make me crazy

You know what really cheeses me off? Getting comments on deals from people who never/rarely bother submitting, which are either cynical or nasty or none value adding.
Why dont they just go away?


They are filthy scum and should be castrated.

Can you put the retailer in the title OP? Price would be good too, oh and an offer :thumbsup:

Hmmmm Cheeeeeeese. Blurrgggggghhhhhhh


bla bla bla

oh hai my name is poppoppop and i take the internet seriously

a consumer is still a consumer regardless of whether they post a deal, it makes no difference to anything.

thread fail

Misc posts from people who don't think about their user names make me crazy


Cold from me

Nothing to do with the deal being hot or cold - all to do with the stinking attitude

I don't care whether someone posts 1million deals a day, if they're just adding pointless comments elsewhere, there is no need for it, and they should get a life.
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