Found 3rd Apr 2008
People at my work place use msn and email to communicate. Even for regular chats. I think it's pretty sad. What do you guys think? A forum or chat room where people are remote is understandable, but hell, a small office? They claim to be so busy that they need to communicate this way.

Does this sound normal to you?

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I use mainly my mouth to communicate.

Nah - they're all just plain lazy.
oh yeah!

speaking and typing is difficult.. typing and typing is maybe ok.. i dont know what this work thing is being a student and all..

Using MSN & Email, you can chat privately...on the phone or face to face, you have the nosey ******s who like to listen!

We just use it for bitching

MSN is great for that. We do it at uni in the comp labs. Saves making a noise distracting others too

I've never worked in an office but in College we used it because we were supposed to be quiet - or if we were bitching about someone :giggle:
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