Comp- Win Tom Cruise in Collateral On DVD

Comp- Win Tom Cruise in Collateral On DVD

Max (Jamie Foxx) has lived the mundane life of a cab driver for 12 years. The faces have come and gone from his rearview mirror, people and places he's long since forgotten until tonight. Vincent (Tom Cruise) is a contract killer.

When an offshore narcotic trafficking cartel learns they are about to be indicted by a federal grand jury, they mount an operation to identify and kill the key witnesses, and the last stage is tonight. Tonight, Vincent arrives in L.A and five bodies are supposed to fall.

Question: Tom Cruise was married to which Australian Actress

Nichole Kidman

Anna Nichole

Nichole Appleton

femalefirst.co.uk/com…htm >>ENTER HERE<<


Thanks an easy one

all i can read is WIN TOM CRUISE!!!


Original Poster


all i can read is WIN TOM CRUISE!!!wooohooooooooooooo!!

Ye Gods, I actually knew the answer to that one

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